#newcomicbookday at The Freakopolis Geekery (July 19th)

#newcomicbookday at The Freakopolis Geekery (July 19th)

Plenty of new reading arrived at the Freakopolis Geekery this week! With favorites from all the big publishers this week is one of the summer's hottest.

New DC Comic Books 7/19

From DC comics we have the likes of Supersons, Batman, a new Batman 66 series, and Wildstorm.

New Marvel Comics 7/19

Secret Empire rages on in Marvel's newest publications, while June giant Spectacular Spider-Man gets its second issue! TJ's favorite Daredevil also continues this week.

New Indie Comics 7/19

Of course the little guys are getting some love as well. Jimmy's Bastards continues to split sides and show that Aftershock is putting out some of our favorite titles around. Another of TJ's favorites (and another Charles Soule book) returns with Curse Words #6! Plenty of other smaller books are making an impression this week as well.


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