Freakopolis Reviews Batman & The Signal #1

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Freakopolis Reviews Batman & The Signal #1

Hey everyone, Ian from Freakopolis here with a quick review of the start of a new DC mini-series, Batman and The Signal #1. DC is truly putting the spotlight on an addition to the Bat-Family, The Signal, with a daring new story- Gotham faces the threat of meta-human invasion, as young men and women suddenly find themselves possessing incredible powers due to strange biological mutations.

The Signal himself is one of these meta-humans, however he managed to overcome the challenges of gaining new powers, the ability to see where light has been, allowing him to see images of the recent past, and trained alongside Bruce Wayne, eventually joining the Bat-Family. Others are not so lucky, becoming violent and unhinged... occasionally their heads explode too.

Batman himself tasks The Signal with finding the source of this meta-human phenomena, even providing a top notch secret lair and all the bat-gadgets his apprentice could ever need. Considering The Signal’s abilities originated with these strange happenstance, he figures there are personal answers to be found in this mission. Still, young Duke is feeling pretty inexperienced, and the locals of Gotham are still unaccustomed to witnessing a bat working in the daylight, creating additional challenges to an already difficult task.

Now, everyone knows at this point that Scott Snyder, along with Tony Patrick, are more than capable of making an entertaining Batman story. It’s no surprise that they effortlessly weave a compelling new story here, with a notable shift from Batman and his incredibly veteran perspective to The Signal who’s definitely not quite so sure of himself.

Artist Cully Hamner and colorist Laura Martin portray a bold daytime Gotham that sets a strikingly different visual tone than we usually expect to see out of a Bat-Family story. Along with beautiful shading and badass character design, this art team is obviously ready to bring some awesome moments to light throughout this mini-series.

Batman and The Signal #1 was an exciting read that leaves you begging to see what happens next. Thank you for joining us, this has been a Freakopolis Review, make sure to subscribe for more!

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