Freakopolis Reviews Daredevil #595

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Freakopolis Reviews Daredevil #595

What’s up freaks and geeks? TJ here with Freakopolis’ review of a brand new Marvel Legacy title featuring everyone’s favorite blind superhero, Daredevil #595.

Daredevil begins his new arc by returning to his home of Manhattan after an extended time away to find Kingpin, an all time archnemesis of Daredevil, elected mayor of New York. Feeling betrayed by the city he so dearly loves Matt Murdock vows to investigate the election of one of New York’s greatest gangsters. Getting push back from the city through legal means our hero realizes he may have to take out Kingpin as the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen.

Charles Soule, having written over 28 issues of Daredevil ongoing, has introduced us to new villains, sidekicks, and supporting cast throughout his run and is kicking off Marvel Legacy with a big story here. The book draws some obvious parallels between today’s political climate and Marvel’s comic universe, and Soule uses his knowledge of the legal system to create an riveting no win situation for a Daredevil willing to work inside or outside the law. A new artist also lands on the title this week with Stefano Landini providing a more than capable hand that resets the style of the book after Ron Garney’s rough past few issues.

Returning to some of Daredevil’s tried and true roots Kingpin has proven himself time and time again to be a formidable foe for Old Hornhead. With Kingpin in a more powerful position than ever before we can’t wait to see how The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen takes down Mayor Fisk. Daredevil #595 is out now at the Freakopolis Geekery or your local comic shop.

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