Freakopolis Reviews Port of Earth #1

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Freakopolis Reviews Port of Earth #1

TJ is here with Freakopolis’ review of a brand new sci-fi series out of Image Comics, Port of Earth #1.

Hot off his solar powered post-apocalyptic comic Eclipse, Zack Kaplan is tackling another genre mainstay, what if aliens landed on Earth? Port of Earth asks what if these aliens weren’t hostile, but not necessarily amicable either? The visitors in this book, known as the Constortium, approach Earth with a proposition, we solve your energy crisis and you let us use your planet as an interplanetary gas station. Sounds like a pretty good deal right? So thought the Earthers but as it turns out some species of aliens aren’t willing to play by Earth’s rules. As such the Earth Security Agency is formed to protect humans and aliens alike.

Kaplan spends much of the first issue getting the reader up to speed with where we’re at now. The second half of the book is dedicated to our two protagonists, Rice and Mac, two midlevel ESA agents with very different approaches to their job. Posing a lot of questions political, and narrative Kaplan is setting up a world that should please sci-fi and Image comic fans alike. The art team also brings a clear and unique vision to the ships, species, and infrastructure seen throughout.

Landing at the Freakopolis Geekery and local comic shops near you this week, Port of Earth brings a new view of alien visitation and it’s impact on Earth in a very compelling first issue.

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