John Wick #1 Review

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John Wick #1 Review


Hey everyone! Ian here with a Freakopolis Review of a very exciting new title out of Dynamite Comics, John Wick #1!

Now, everyone can see that the John Wick movies have some very “comic-booky” elements. There’s the continental, the gold coins, and the fact that nearly everyone seems to be connected with the underground, and all of this lends itself to the universe of John Wick being translated to comic books in a really cool way.

This issue explores some of John’s early life. Taking place down South in El Paso Texas, John, an obviously troubled youth, steals a couple grand from a local gang. In the chase to recapture their money, the gang causes incredible destruction, ruthlessly tearing their way through town to catch him with sadistic intent,  and John witnesses the deaths of many innocents, inadvertently because of his actions.

Now, twelve years later, a John Wick that is a bit younger than we see in the movies, is enacting his revenge. Of course we expect John to brutally disable nine armed men in the first issue, and he does just that as he saves an associate, Charon. He thanks John by revealing the location of the other gang members John intends to kill, but there’s a twist. They’re sitting comfortably in the El Paso Continental, a neutral ground for all hired killers, and John isn’t associated with this chapter. In the next issue we’ll witness John’s introduction to this mysterious organization, and I’m certain his restraint will be tested as they try to impose their rules on him.

The writer, Greg Pak, definitely knows the pace John Wick fans expect. John is going to be at the right place at the right time, John is going to see associates, John is going to kick some ass, the plot continues. It’s a simple formula that works in both the movies and the comics, and Pak captures it quite well in this first issue.

The art by Giovanni Valletta and colors by David Curiel have a warmer palette than we’re generally used to as far as John Wick goes, but they make it work. They’re particularly good at differentiating John’s past with the “present” of the comic with a slight yellow tint, as well as adding some flair to the dramatic action with sudden panels featuring a black background.

All in all, John Wick #1 was a very enjoyable read, with a smooth and easy plot to follow, good action, good pacing, and the promise that some of the secrets of this universe will be revealed very soon.

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