Moon Knight #188 Review

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Moon Knight #188 Review


Moon Knight is known to be one of Marvel’s most complex characters, a hero that struggles with split personality disorder as well as schizophrenia. Someone who fights every day with himself just to stay in control. Well, these themes seem to remain strong in this new legacy issue, with most of the scenery consisting of Ravencroft Asylum and the majority of the plot following Dr. Emmett, who has become obsessed with Moon Knight. The dialogue and narration revolves around her therapy sessions with unnamed patient 86, a man so damaged that she can’t help but be invested and interested in him.

Quickly, through her treatment she discovers strange similarities between her patient and Marc Spector, another former patient of hers, Moon Knight himself. Using Egyptian symbolism to treat this man’s psychological wounds, a method that helped Marc Spector in the past, Dr. Emmet unwittingly unleashes a terrible destructive power into the world.

This particular issue had no true appearances from Moon Knight, and was more of an origin story for a brand new villain that begins and ends in a rather gruesome manner. Writer Max Bemis, who has never done a Moon Knight run before, has already shown off his skills at creating complex, human, and occasionally skin-crawlingly evil characters. The art by Burrows and Lopes was also a pleasant surprise, with consistency and detail that’s sometimes hard to come by.

All in all, we personally feel Bemis is setting up for a prolific Moon Knight run, that’s gripping and thrilling alike for both the psychological aspects, as well as the action.

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