Paradiso #1 Freakopolis Review

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Paradiso #1 Freakopolis Review

What’s up freaks and geeks? TJ is here with the Freakopolis review of a brand new post-apocalyptic sci-fi comic, Paradiso #1.

The world of Paradiso has it all, ancient mysteries, new technologies, scrappy protagonists and kick ass character design. But with all these irons in the fire how well does it juggle introducing this world in 32 pages?

We enter the world of Paradiso with a three page origin story of our main protagonist, Jack. Jack is a survivor with a secret, he holds a piece of technology ancient and powerful. Jumping years into the future we find Jack on the last leg of his journey to the utopian, living city of Paradiso. He uses his tinkerer’s knowledge to buy his way into Paradiso through a smuggler’s passage, but entrance to the city is not an easy feat and our hero is met with resistance at every turn.

Writer, Ram V creates a world with a ton of depth in this first issue. Touching on a former apocalypse, secret societies, and techno-magical beings to start, Paradiso promises a veritable feast for the imagination. He also creates a very compelling character in Jack, a kind survivor but most importantly a dreamer. Artist, Devmayla Pramanik brings the world to life fusing Ghost In The Shell and Mad Max with an eye for unique and freaky characters.

With an ecosystem that draws you in from the action packed first pages to the heartfelt interiors and an art team that rivals the best Paradiso should please fans of Into The Badlands & Full Metal Alchemist. The creators should be proud to have made a world with so many hooks handled so well.

Paradiso #1 from Image Comics is available at the Freakopolis Geekery or your local comic shop now.

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