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Star Trek Discovery #1 Review

What’s up freaks and geeks? TJ here with Freakopolis’ review of a brand new Star Trek comic, Star Trek Discovery #1.

After a delay that has kept fans waiting for over a month Star Trek Discovery #1 beams into comic stores this week. Weaving a tale from an often glossed over perspective it promises to delve deep into our Discovery antagonists, the Klingons and their culture.

Picking up at the end of the television series’ premiere L’rell, begins to recount the story of her fearless and honorable leader, T’kuvma. As a child T’Kuvma found himself on the harsh and unforgiving homeworld of the Klingons in an age where they seem to have lost their way. When his sister promises to restore their family’s place in the world T’Kuvma sets himself on a cunning, honorable, and daring path to the head of the Klingon empire.

Discovery’s comic writers, Kirsten Beyer and Mike Johnson find enough hooks in the new series and klingon culture to pull the reader into an alien world and make it feel like a society worth investing in. Artist Tony Shasteen’s landscape and anatomy work is incredibly detailed, while his panel backgrounds let the focus shine on character moments.

If you happen to be itching for more Star Trek while it is on winter break or you have spent time pondering the nuances of klingon culture Discovery #1 is sure to sate your appetite.

Star Trek Discovery #1 is available in the Freakopolis Geekery or your local comic shop now.