Witchblade #1 Freakopolis Review

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Witchblade #1 Freakopolis Review

Ian here from the Freakopolis Geekery with a quick review of a fresh release out of Image, Witchblade #1.

Witchblade follows the story of Alex Underwood, a former journalist now working for the Witness Aid Service Unit in Manhattan. Her life quickly turns upside down as she suffers various psychosis that gets in the way of her work and relationships. Quickly she finds out that this mental breakdown may actually be a calling to a higher purpose.

Turns out, Alex died because of her line of work not long ago, but she was given a second chance by a mysterious artifact taking the shape of a bracelet on her wrist. Confused and disoriented, Alex is having a difficult time discerning what is real, and what is not. But she knows one thing for certain because of strange recurring visions. Her client, Myra, in the Witness Aid Service Unit is soon to be killed, and only she can stop it.

Soon, a whole new world will be revealed to Alex of demons and monsters that desire nothing more than to destroy her before she can fully bond to the Witchblade Artifact.

Formerly a comic released in 1995, this new version of Witchblade has a super clean and modern feel. The writing by Caitlin Kittredge sets the stage for a whole new world of possibilities without revealing too much about the overarching plot. Those of us not familiar with Witchblade still have a lot questions; what is the artifact? Is it good or evil? How will Alex cope with this newfound power? And how will she maintain her life and friendships if she’s busy being a paranormal vigilante throughout the day? I’m personally excited to find out all the answers.

Definitely of note is Roberta Ingranata and Bryan Valenza’s art, with an incredible amount of detail, bold lines, and great blending of colors that brings life to every face, or a sense of undeath to demons and monsters. They also do a fantastic job of capturing New York City during the Winter, with many panels setting the tone as snow blows around throughout the borders.

This book is a very exciting addition to Image Comic’s lineup, and I have a feeling the universe of Witchblade is about to get a whole lot bigger.

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