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In Extra! Extra!, you enter the dog-eat-dog, man-bites-dog world of newspaper publishing. You and your fellow managing editors are competing for compelling stories and features to fill the voracious pages of your newspapers!

Send reporters out to collect the latest news and photographs from New York, London, Paris, Rome, Berlin, and Tokyo! Conduct research in the "morgue" to make those stories easier to complete. Search out the best of the stories from the wire services and from stringers who occupy the lowest rungs on the reporting ladder. Race to be the first to claim the headlines, interviews, and "extras' that will make your articles come to life. You win if your stories rise above the more mundane drivel in the pages of your so-called competition. Great strategy game!
Recommended for ages 12 years & up, 2-6 players with a 60 -120 minute playtime.