D&D Quests of Doom Volume 2 (5th Edition)

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"Six more adventures full of old-school goodness!"

"We've added six more adventures, one from each category found in Quests of Doom Volume 1, 'Bugs and Blobs', 'Demons and Devils', 'Giants and Dragons', 'Lycanthropes and Elementals', 'Men and Monstrosities', and 'Vampires and Liches'.

"Characters level 4-17 will all find challenges within!"

Whether you fondly look back on First or Second Edition D&D, or want to experience the tone of D&D back in the day, Quests of Doom is the book for you! Volume 2 features another menagerie of adventures for parties of nearly all levels, you and your adventurers will enjoy sessions featuring 5th Edition rules with a 1st Edition feel. Perfect for D&D veterans and newcomers alike, old-school is wicked cool when you're inspired by Quests of Doom!