Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion

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"Spice up your fantasy!"

"The Fantasy Companion is filled with classic and reimagined elements to include in your current fantasy game or to help you start a new campaign you'd never imagined."

"Inside this handy reference, you'll find ready-to-use traditional fantasy races, guides for making new races, expanded siege and fortification rules, more Professional and Racial Edges, additional and expanded Arcane Backgrounds, additional rules for spell trappings, a complete list of spells, a massive pile of magic items, new gear, more armor, extra weapons, and a huge bestiary of creatures and villains."

"Arm your dwarves warrior with all-new Edges and a legendary axe so that he can stand against terrible dragons, loathsome demons, and even the most-dreaded giant bees! The Companion series features genre material that's ready to be added directly to your existing game or help you start a new one. Expand your options and increase your fun: get a Companion today!"

"The Fantasy Companion requires the Savage Worlds role-playing game to play."