Savage Worlds Horror Companion

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"Is it a bloodsucking fiend fresh from the grave? An alien horror from beyond the stars? Or perhaps it's a creature most human minds cannot even comprehend."

"The Savage Worlds Horror Companion contains all new rules specific to horror campaigns. Inside you'll find information on:

  • Sanity: Drive your investigators to the asylum with official tules for incorporating Sanity- and the lack thereof!- into your game.
  • Creatures of the Night: Don't just hunt the monsters- play one!
  • Rituals: Use rare ingredients and the aid of your friends or followers to cast far more powerful spells.
  • Signs and Portents: Divine secret information from fortune-tellers, seers, and mystics!
  • Wards and Binds: Ward the creatures of the night, and bind them to your service!
  • Setting Rules: Coat the floors with Buckets of Blood, or fight zombies beneath the Blood Moon!"

"The Horror Companion also includes new Edges & Hinderances, gear tailored for monster hunting, new powers, cursed relics, and over 100 new monsters for your party of heroes to hunt- or be hunted by."

"The Horror Companion requires the Savage Worlds Roleplaying Game to play."