Savage Worlds Last Parsec Eris Beta-V

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"Born of chaos... Shrouded in mystery!"

"When Eris Beta-V's valuable commerce is threatened by unscrupulous agencies, a JumpCorp-employed team must root them out."

"As they do, they'll explore a magnificent ringed gas giant and its moons on the icy fringes of interstellar space, discover ancient artifacts of enormous power among Elis' rings, moons, and asteroids, and solve the oldest mystery of Elis Beta-V... before time runs out."

"Eris Beta-V is a setting book for The Last Parsec. It contains new locations and characters for the planetary system, new starships and Settings Rules for asteroid mining and rainstorms, a Plot Point Campaign, Savage Tales, and a host of new creatures from these strange worlds."

"This book requires the Savage Worlds core rules and the Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion to play."