Savage Worlds Weird War 1 War Masters Handbook Softcover

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"Things not of this Earth..."

"They crawl and slither through the corpse-choked mud. Shapes beyond imagining mover in dirty white chlorine clouds. Dark waters stir as the long-dead claw their way towards a sun they haven't glimpsed in a thousand years."

"War blazes across the world, drawing in millions and threatening to end humanity itself. Men and women fight and die in the deserts of Africa, the mountains of Turkey, the trenches of Europe, or the cold seas of the Atlantic. And in the fear and violence of war, dark things rise..."

"The Weird War 1 War Master's Guide contains the secret history of the Great War, two Plot Point Campaigns, Savage Tales, the Mission Generator, a narrative mission system, notorious heroes and villains, and a menagerie of twisted horrors to confront your brave heroes with.

"Requires the Weird War 1 Player's Guid and Savage Worlds core rules to play."