Star Wars Edge of the Empire Enter the Unknown Sourcebook

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"While civil war rages in the background, intrepid explorers venture into the unknown to uncover new opportunities. Adventure and profit await those willing to brave the dangers of undiscovered worlds and forgotten stars."

"Explore the hidden corners of the Star Wars galaxy with Enter the Unknown. This rulebook expands upon the Edge of the Empire Roleplaying Game, adding new content for Explorer characters as well as any character looking to brave the fringes of the galaxy. Jump behind the wheel of a speeder, uncover lost secrets from a forgotten age, and hunt down dangerous beasts among the stars."

This supplemental rulebook includes-

  • Expanded character options including motivations, obligations, species and specializations.
  • New, powerful signature abilities that allow Explorer characters to become masters of their trade.
  • Equipment and vehicles useful for any character delving into the unknown areas of the galaxy.
  • Guidance for Game Masters to integrate exploration and adventure into their campaigns.