Star Wars Edge of the Empire Mask of the Pirate Queen Module

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"A vicious band of space pirates has declared a vendetta against a powerful smuggling cartel. The cartel is now on the lookout for skilled bounty hunters to permanently deal with the enemy leader- the mysterious and deadly Pirate Queen."

"Ready your blasters for a deadly hunt that will take your crew from forgotten jungles and lawless shadowports to starship battles in deep space. The only thing more dangerous than the enigmatic Pirate Queen, however, is the risk of retribution hanging over any who fail to complete the job."

This full-length adventure includes-

  • A multi-part tale of pursuit for both seasoned and starting characters.
  • New adversaries and vehicles, including ferocious Savrips, clone trooper mercenaries, and the Zann Consortium's deadly combat frigates and starfighters.
  • In-depth planetary gazetteers allowing Game Masters to run their own campaigns on verdant Saleucami, and infamous Old Mantell.